We make and reserve our own history as a contribution to our daily milestones

Our Vision

“We envision healthier communities accessing low-cost emerging public health innovations and solutions”.

Our Mission

To achieve universal health care coverage in under-served communities and sub-populations through accelerating optimal translation, uptake and impact of new public health knowledge and practices.

Our Goal

Our strategic goal is to contribute towards the realization of universal health care coverage among 750,000 People from under-served communities and sub-populations in Uganda.

About Us

MOD Public Health Foundation is a registered Non-Profit Organization (NGO) in Uganda (Reg: INDPooo4614NB)

We design  and implement solutions and programs to emerging public health challenges.  Our approaches/models accelerate access to Universal Health Coverage in our motherland-Uganda.

Our mandate allows us to work nationwide.

MOD Core Values



We believe that people with passion have the power to change their communities through their wisdom to create innovative solutions to mankind social and health problems.  

Customer Centred

Our actions focus to improve the social and well-being of our internal and external customers.  

Team Building

We sustain our innovations by working as a team, we scale up our learning by creating other public health and social entrepreneurs, leaders and networks.  

Evidence based driven approaches

We provide low cost solutions anchored on evidence, quality and scalability to make people live in a better place.  


We do the right thing regardless of its consequences with high level of professionalism and accountability.

Our Organisation PIFT Culture

The Organisation’s Business Approach is Built on the Culture of;



3-Flawless Execution

4-Team Building to sustain innovation & Impact.